Brief of State of Network Security

  1. What is network security?

Is a process of taking measures to protect an organisation’s network infrastructure from unauthorized access by creating a secure platform for server including mitigating risk to the critical devices.

2. How risk, threat and vulnerability related each other?

Risk an be expressed as; Risk = Threat x Vulnerability. Threat is a potential harm that can exploit vulnerability and / or intrude into the computer system. While vulnerability is a weaknesses that may allow threat to  run in  the system.

3. List  the key characteristics of attacks?

Attacks are growing dramatically: Activities involving cyber attacks increased exponentially as well as instances of malware.

Threats are more sophisticated: Threats crime been sophisticated and normally it is unexpected because it has been deployed in one step ahead or take it for granted on the loophole.

Known outnumbered by unknowns : Focus on what is known and always be ready for known and unknown attacks

Current approach is ineffective: Current approach is insufficient to address the level and type of attacks that are presently occurring due to the ever-changing nature of attacks.

Current approach in handling security?

Define the goals of integrity principle in network security?

Confidentiality: Prevent the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

Integrity: Prevent information fabrication by unauthorized user, Prevent unauthorized fabrication of information by authorized user and Preserve of the internal and external consistency.

Availability: Provide authorized user timely and uninterrupted access to the information in the network system.

  1. What are the main reasons for unreported security breaches?

-To secure the company’s reputation

– Company do not know when a breach been committed.

2.  Briefly describe two main types of attacks?

-Passive attacks; Sniffing and information gathering.

– Active attacks; Denial of service, Breaking into a site.

3.  What are the aspects of approaching good cyber security in dealing with attacks?

Aspects of approaching good cyber security are:-

– Management buy-in

– Policy development with regular updates and revisions,

– Policy reviews

– Knowledgeable network staff

– Training

–  Tested process

– Third party assessment

What is Kerberos?

Kerberos is a authentication protocol that involve three sides which are client, server and a Kerberos Distribution Center (KDC) and running Authentication Server (AS) and Ticket Granting Server before establish connection to the application.

Client will connect to AS to obtain TGS session key and ticket. Once connected, client will request TGS to obtain a Application Session Key (ASK) and secret’s key.

Client will be sending its ticket, ASK and secret’s key to the application server to initiate a connection in between client and application server.