Find the Alternatives for uTorrent ???

uTorrent is a bittorrent client that handles torrent download files. It has some amazingly distinct features, as a lightweight torrent client that is used by a huge number of users. But then no boons are without banes, right? Likewise uTorrent has its own disabilities and some messy features. Those advertisements, and other crappy flaws, can be really irritating sometimes. So here are some ways you could use without uTorrent, to provide you alternate ways to work on your windows PC.


Transmission :

The best alternative to uTorrent.  A bittorrent file that allows us to download torrent files. It comes with some fascinating features. It makes use of minimal computer resources, with  less of an impact on your computer’s performance.

Deluge :

Another bittorrent client with some preloaded features that will surely amaze you. Its light and uses less of computer resources. Some features such as that of bittorrent protocol encryption, local peer discovery, proxy support, uTorrent peer exchange, web seed, password protection are the key ones available. It has high credibility and a very good usability in replacement to uTorrent.


Another easy to use alternative to uTorrent. Allows you to download huge files, easy and securely. It has an interface similar to uTorrent, but uses peer-to-peer technology for downloading and uploading files. It is also available for MAC and Linux.

Vuze :

Another bittorrent client, that allows you to make your searches easy and speedy. For it has a separate search bar, and hence no requirement to open your search browser everytime you want to download your favourite torrent files. Vuze also helps converting video files, and makes downloads faster.